Is there anything cooler than rocking a leather bracelet? They are so discrete but add so much flair to a look! However there are tens of thousands of leather bracelet products out there and a rookie can very easily fall into the traps of wearing too much or not having accessories that match their hand. The TimbukTeam has over 15 years of experience in wearing leather bracelets so through trial and error we know what works and doesn't.

That is why we have chosen 4U our favorite leather bracelets that we believe is the perfect combination of versatility, cool factor and value-for-money. Three hundred and nine designs were rejected, so only the most stylish, best value for money bracelets made the cut onto our site.

Customer appraisals of leather bracelets;

Jason, Student from Bristol

"Last year I regarded myself was a bit of a dork and wanted to finally change the way I look. One day I decided I would try on a leather bracelet that my sister had bought for me as a birthday present from your site. I was hanging out with some friends one time and this bombshell, who I thought was way too cool for me, walked up to me and broke the ice by asking about my bracelet. Well long story short we've now been together for 8 months! I always thought bracelets weren't for guys like me but trust me, don't knock it 'till you try it!"

John, CEO in The City of London.

"In the corporate boardroom there is a very rigid expectation of what kind of suit jacket, shoes, etc people should wear and it can get very monotonous. A fine leather bracelet can really give a sense of individuality in a world where a lot of people feel they are just another part of the corporate collective. The best part is these bracelets is the subtlety; they aren't extravagant and if you really need to cover them just pull your sleeve over them for a few minutes. I was surprised that such a small item can give such an improvement in self-confidence in how you look. Thanks guys"