About Us

Embrace your individuality and the unique opportunity for self-expression that wrist accessories allow.

Here at Timbuktu4U, we offer a very diverse and thoughtful range of wristwear; from beads to bands and watches to wraps. Check out our collections today to find the perfect item that compliments you, or a friend or family member's personality.

Fashion statisticians across the industry are saying wrist accessories are becoming more popular every month and we think this is due to people of all backgrounds realizing wristwear is an amazing way of subtly adding flair with any type of clothing. We have had customers from the Beaches of Bali to Executive Boardrooms sending in rave reviews about how Timbuktu4U has allowed them to express themselves subtly but stylishly in a way they had always wanted to but never plucked up the courage to try.

The beauty of wrist accessories lies in the amazing power of "combinatory psychology". Now, each and every one of our products will get compliments, but a combination of multiple accessories is guaranteed to create a unique look that no one else in the world has! What other fashion item truly allows you to do that? Instead of a custom made, tailored suit or dress that cost Hollywood stars thousands (each!), YOU now have the opportunity to wear a genuinely unique, one-of-a-kind personal brand for less than the price of one restaurant dinner, no matter what clothing your work or life requires you to wear otherwise.

Browse our store today to see our high quality and value-for-money products.

Wear your heart on your sleeve today!