Parthenon Marble Finish Natural Stone Lava Bead Bracelet

Parthenon Marble Finish Natural Stone Lava Bead Bracelet

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This Parthenon marble bracelet has a remarkable ability, noted by the Timbukteam after years of wearing them, for giving the impression of effortless style. Since time immemorial  marble has been a symbol of classy elegance from Ancient Greece to the US Capitol Hill, and now you!

Trust me, the Timbukteam has found this through years of trial and error and white marble is one of the styles we get the most compliments on!

These beads, made from high quality durable crystal, will be a very versatile addition to how you dress. They can be worn with any style of clothing and in particular works great as contrast to darker colored clothing.

A Killer Combo would be combining this white bracelet with multiple black/ dark colored ones on the same arm. What's great about this combo is its simplicity - can you get any simpler than black and white? Why not build your own combo from our store?